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Cookie Dough Fundraising

The Cookie Barrel is well known for its quality products. They have been providing delicious cookies to the Western Australian cafe scene for more than 25 years.

The Cookie Dough is made fresh to order and comes in a range of flavours sold in 1kg tubs, enough for 50 small (20g) cookies. The dough can be frozen, thawed, scooped and baked, and the remaining mixture re-frozen or refrigerated for next time. 


The easy to scoop from re-usable tubs are filled with delicious Cookie Dough, using recipes that The Cookie Barrel has specially made for fundraising.  You can choose from 7 delicious flavours, including some of their best sellers. Seriously, fundraising has never been this tasty! 

Locally Made in WA


1kg tub you will make 50 x 20g cookies, cost $0.32 each cookie. Sell for $0.44

Now that's ridiculously good value.

ACC Tub Teal Lid KNOCKOUT.png
PRODUCT      BUY          SELL        PROFIT   

Per Tub                   $16.00            $22.00                   $6.00  


No. of Seller's                                                                 25

Each Sell minimum of 20 tubs                                         500  Profit per tub sold                                                       $6.00

Your Profit                                               $3,000.00

Locally Made

in WA

For over 20 years The Cookie Barrel cookies have been loved in WA.
  • Flavours that have been tried and proven

  • Locally made in Western Australia

  • No added artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives

  • Quality ingredients

  • Cooking time is only approx. 15 mins

  • The Cookie Dough can be thawed, and refrozen multiple times or kept in the fridge for up to four weeks.

  • The dough is versatile - you can add dried fruits and nuts, add icing (see individual flavours for more ideas) 

What are the benefits?

Costing, payment & delivery

​All flavours (including the Doggie Dough) are $22.00 a tub. Profit from each container to your group is $6.00.

Monies are not required upfront by the fundraising group. Payment from customers is at the time of ordering. On the final order, an invoice is created, which must be paid by direct deposit or cheque. The remainder of the money collected is your profit.

If you live in the Perth Metro area, (Yanchep to Mandurah), free delivery to a central point is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Delivery charges outside the metro area or on alternate days are by arrangement with The Cookie Barrel.


The dough is packed into cartons of 8 tubs (same flavour) per carton.

Ordering/ start-up process

You will receive coordinators information and sellers kits for each participant. Make sure you allow at least a week for the forms to arrive. 

We provide an easy step-by-step guide to the process.​

Sales & promotion

The Cookie Dough practically sells itself, as it is a unique and tasty product. Any of the following techniques would work:
  • Door knocking

  • Setting up a sales booth at school, sports matches, before/after church, fetes etc

  • Email/social media campaign, noticeboards, posters, website and maybe approaching your local newspaper

It is important to remind sellers, money is due at the time of order, and of when customers will receive their dough.

Timeliness of process

Booking the fundraiser and receiving the order forms: approx. One week.

Sales period: We suggest three weeks (including two weekends), but it's entirely up to you.


Place the final order. 

Invoice payment due before delivery.

Cookie Dough delivery two weeks from the ordering.

Customer service

Over 25 years of CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE … we are the experts.


Your success is our #1 priority.

Coordinator tips

As the process is over three weeks keeping the momentum of sales going is essential. An excellent way to help this is to create targets.

The Coordinator of the campaign should put careful thought into arranging distribution of the Cookie Dough on an appropriate day and give participants plenty of warning so they can collect their dough as soon as possible after delivery. The Cookie Dough is delivered chilled however, you need to be conscious of the weather and if particularly hot, be prepared with lots of eskies or access to a fridge/freezer.

Keep in mind that each box of dough weighs at least 8kg each. Transporting and moving many boxes of Cookie Dough is a potential OH&S issue that you need to consider.

Ensure you have plenty of volunteers to ensure everyone gets the Cookie Dough they have ordered. Tape names to the tubs for easy allocation. 

If all sales come from a school/sports club, then delivery is relatively straightforward – arrange a single pick-up time and day such after school. If your sellers are door knocking in their neighbourhood or giving forms to parents to sell dough at work, this should be taken into account when planning distribution.

Positive points of difference

You can create a 'thank you' when distributing the dough. Make a small flyer telling customers how much money you raised, provide the details for the competition and give recipe suggestions for using the Cookie Dough to make ice cream baskets.

The Cookie Dough is Western Australian made; all the nutritional information and ingredients are readily available on request.

Money earned

Each tub of dough sold earns you $6.00. Therefore to make $1,500.00, you will need to sell approximately 250 tubs of Cookie Dough.

For a group of 12 people, that is an average of around 21 tubs each with approximately $126 profit from each participant.


Cookie Dough is a great fundraiser as it is relatively easy to sell, has no upfront costs, and it is delicious. Kids love it because it is fun and delicious and made with natural ingredients that parents appreciate, versus bags of chocolate.

The baked cookies are yummy and receive lots of great compliments, from people who ate the baked cookies and from those that love unbaked Cookie Dough. 

How much can our group expect to sell?

It is achievable for a small group of 30 families to sell 600 tubs.


A school with 200 families can achieve sales of 4,000 tubs.

Our cookie dough is a quick and easy fundraiser with downloadable Fundraising material to help you throughout the process, making your fundraiser even more accessible and successful.



















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